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Nahla Yellow Bangle

AED 567

Nahla Rose Bangle

AED 567

Nahla Silver Bangle

AED 567

Half-Stone I Yellow Bangle

AED 725

Half-Stone I Rose Bangle

AED 725

Half-Stone I Silver Bangle

AED 725

Enormous Silver Bangle

AED 1,670

Vibrant Colors Bangle Yellow Bracelet

AED 572

Diva Bangle Yellow Bracelet

AED 1,150

Intertwined Bangle Yellow Bracelets

AED 1,208

Pearl Blue Silver Bangle

AED 709

Pearl Pink Rose Bangle

AED 709

At The Square Yellow

AED 609

At The Square Rose

AED 609

At The Square Black

AED 609

Sunrays Yellow Bangle

AED 441

Opposite Stone Yellow Bangle

AED 200

Arrowhead Stone Yellow Bangle

AED 252

Arrowhead Yellow Bangle

AED 378

Retro Chic Bangle Yellow Bracelet

AED 903

Solitaire Series Rose Bangle

AED 436

Love Hook Rose

AED 419

Half-Stone II Rose Bangle

AED 683

Birch Rose Bangle

AED 252

Sunrays Rose Bangle

AED 441

Messenger Rose Bangle

AED 273

Opposite Stone Silver Bangle

AED 200

Sunrays Silver Bangle

AED 441

Ala-Snake Silver Bangle

AED 557

Messenger Silver Bangle

AED 273

Arrowhead Silver Bangle

AED 378

Phlox Silver Bangle

AED 578

Half-Stone II Silver Bangle

AED 677

Leaves Silver Bangle

AED 299

Cartwheel Rose Bangle

AED 415

Polo Silver Bangle

AED 593