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Solitaire Silver Stud

Stylish Cling Silver Earring

Mini Hoop Yellow Earring (7.0mm)

Mini Hoop Rose Earring (7.0mm)

My Heart Rose Stud Earring

Mini-Circle Rose Drop Earring

Pin Silver Stud Earring

Adjustable II Bling Bracelet

Adjustable Bling Bracelet

The Tennis Silver Bracelet (3.0mm)

Cross Silver Bracelet

Pinku 1 Tennis Silver Bracelet

Dots Silver Bracelet

Light Chain Clip Silver Bracelet

Tennis Silver Bracelet (6.0mm)

Beige Enamel Rose Bracelet

Stylish Beige Enamel Yellow Earring

Black Enamel Yellow Bracelet

Cube Beige Rose Earring

Bold Silver Bracelet

Aura Rose Hoop Earring

Stylish Turquoise Enamel Yellow Earring

Elliptical II White Rose Long Necklace

Elliptical II Black Rose Long Necklace

Illusion Black Rose Earring

Stylish White Enamel Yellow Earring

Stylish Pink Enamel Yellow Earring

Light Enamel Yellow Hoop Earring

Pink Enamel Yellow Hoop Earring

Stylish Red Enamel Yellow Earring

Red Enamel Yellow Hoop Earring

Illusion White Rose Earring

Solitaire Tennis Silver Bracelet (5.0mm)

Spherical Black Yellow Earring

Spherical White Yellow Earring

Spherical Beige Rose Earring