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Stud Silver Earring

Belle Rose Hoop Earring

Stunning Yellow Drop Earring

Stunning Silver Drop Earring

Asymmetrical Yellow Earring

Asymmetrical Silver Earring

Lock Stud Yellow Earring

Lock Stud Silver Earring

Lock Stud Rose Earring

Spiral Earring with Aqua Stone

Spiral Necklace with Aqua Stone (40cm)

Spiral Earring with Yellow Stone

Spiral Necklace with Yellow Stone (40cm)

Spiral Earring with Pink Stone

Spiral Necklace with Pink Stone (40cm)

Blue Heart Silver Necklace

Dainty Rose Stud Earring

Dainty Silver Stud Earring

Flower Silver Earring

Flower Yellow Earring

Flower Rose Earring

Flower Stud Silver Earring

Flower Stud Silver Earring

Leaf Rose Drop Earring

Paved Silver Hoop Earring

Mini Butterfly Silver Stud Earring

Butterfly Rose Hoop Earring

Butterfly Gold Hoop Earrings

Paved Silver Hoop Earring

Polar Star Hoop Earring

Polar Star Hoop Earring

Paved Rose Hoop Earring

Heart Silver Stud Earring

Circle Silver Stud Earring

Moon Star Silver Stud Earring

Butterfly Silver Hoop Earring