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Ahtapot Necklace (Blue Color CZ)


Antura Gold plated brass resin leather black white orange Necklace

USD176.99 USD88.50

Antura Gold plated brass resin Necklace

USD269.57 USD134.79

Antura Necklace Gold plated brass White, Black, Labradorite, Beige


Anture Gold plated brass Necklace

USD176.99 USD141.59

Aquarius Necklace WG

Bar necklace Rose


Cancer Necklace Kurshuni RG

Cancer Necklace Kurshuni WG

Capricorn Necklace Kurshuni RG


Catch me if you can Choker

USD78.97 USD39.48

Chain With Balls Choker (Without stone)

Droplets Necklace (Turquoise color CZ)

Five Stars Rose


Five Stars Rose


Gisel Alonza

Gisel Andrea

Gisel Aurora

Gisel Bellefleur


Gisel Bois De Roses

USD84.41 USD65.35

Gisel Cadenza


Gisel Camille

USD80.33 USD68.07

Gisel Cecilia

Gisel Chiara


Gisel Chic Bordeaux

USD106.19 USD92.58

Gisel Cosmic Rose

Gisel Doda


Gisel Elegante

USD84.41 USD70.80

Gisel Fausta

Gisel Gia

Gisel Giulia

Gisel Lorella


Gisel Pendant Paillete Fushia

USD78.97 USD59.22

Gisel Sposa Araba

USD133.42 USD103.47

Gisel Tessa

USD113.00 USD98.03

Gisel Tigra

USD80.33 USD68.07