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Triple Layout Yellow Ring

AED 180

Eternity Pink Silver Ring

AED 105

Eternity Green Silver Ring

AED 105

Leda Black Yellow Ring

AED 170 AED 130

Cyra Black Yellow Ring

AED 150 AED 115

Destined Silver Ring

AED 295

Art Chic Colored Yellow Ring

AED 490 AED 368

Thyme Silver Ring

AED 220

Pear Silver Ring

AED 210

Two-Leaves Rose Ring

AED 199

Fancy Baguette Silver Ring

AED 250

Fancy Baguette Rose Ring

AED 250

Acacia Silver Ring

AED 170

Butterfly n’ Pearl Silver Ring

AED 240

Butterfly n’ Pearl Rose Ring

AED 240

Clam Shell Silver Ring

AED 170

Pearl of Harbour Silver Ring

AED 240

Pearl of Harbour Rose Ring

AED 240

Shade Of Emerald Rose Ring

AED 350

Shade Of Emerald Silver Ring

AED 160

Curator Rose Ring

AED 380

Sasha Rose Ring

AED 440

Autumn Silver Ring

AED 285

Meadow Rose Ring

AED 360

Briny Silver Ring

AED 190AED 200

Briny Rose Ring

AED 190AED 200

Anemone Silver Ring

AED 210

Anemone Rose Ring

AED 210

Full-Round Rose Ring

AED 210

Pear Rose Ring

AED 210

Sorrel Silver Ring

AED 260

Zahra Sapphire Rose Ring

AED 280

Pandora Silver Ring

AED 195AED 200

Pandora Rose Ring

AED 195AED 200

Twist Rose Ring

AED 220AED 240

Oriphone Silver Ring

AED 180