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Half-Stone I Rose Bangle

AED 725

Enormous Silver Bangle

AED 1,670

Space Rose Bracelet

AED 882

Purple Life Chain Bracelet

AED 263

Blue Life Chain Bracelet

AED 263

Green Life Chain Bracelet

AED 263

Multicolor Life Chain Bracelet

AED 263

Star Blue Chain Bracelet

AED 777

Diva Bangle Yellow Bracelet

AED 1,150

Intertwined Bangle Yellow Bracelets

AED 1,208

Leaf Silver Bracelet

AED 194

Dolphin Silver Bracelet

AED 200

Blue Tennis Silver Bracelet

AED 378

Green Tennis Silver Bracelet

AED 378

Gipsy Star Rose Bracelet

AED 278

Gipsy Star Yellow Bracelet

AED 278

Sea Charms Rose Bracelet

AED 362

Direction Silver Bracelet

AED 215

Starfish Adjustable Thread Bracelet

AED 132

Clam Shell Adjustable Thread Rose Bracelet

AED 331

Clam Shell II Silver Bracelet

AED 310

Seastar Silver Bracelet

AED 263

Seastar Black Bracelet

AED 163

Versatile Sapphire Silver Bracelet

AED 137

Versatile Ruby Silver Bracelet

AED 137

Versatile Citrine Silver Bracelet

AED 137

Small Red Stones Bracelet

AED 945

Mini Angel Wing Yellow Bracelet

AED 221

Cyan Tennis Silver Bracelet

AED 378

Link Chains Rose Bracelet

AED 735

Pearl Blue Silver Bangle

AED 709

Pearl Pink Rose Bangle

AED 709

At The Square Yellow

AED 609

At The Square Rose

AED 609

At The Square Black

AED 609

Sunrays Yellow Bangle

AED 441