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Big earrings charm

The Charm of Big Earrings: A Fashion Lover’s Guide

Every little thing counts when it comes to weddings and other special occasions. These essentials, from the bridal gown to the flower arrangements, make the occasion unforgettable. And the big bright earrings– what a charm! Adding grace and life to the occasion, dangling beautifully from a bride’s smiling face. They are sometimes overlooked but are […]

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Exploring the Ageless Appeal of Pearls : All You Need to Know

Any discussion on jewelry is lackluster without the mention of shiny, shimmery pearls. A pearl necklace is the cynosure of every eye, its serene pristine dazzle enough to take the attention off the brightest jewel in the store. The timeless radiance of pearls has cascaded from ancient times to glitzy runaways of contemporary fashion. These […]

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must have jewelry

10 Must-Have Fine Silver Jewelry for This Season  

It’s not fashion if it isn’t changing! Where’s the fun in carrying a drab old piece of clothing no one’s sporting anymore? It’s so passé. It doesn’t mean you should empty your wardrobe and the box of trendy jewelry you bought last year! You never know when those cute studs will return to fashion. But […]

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Enamel Jewelry - Timeless Elegance

The Timeless Elegance of Enamel Jewelry: A Guide to Exquisite Beauty

Your jewelry box may have exquisite gold and silver jewelry, but the collection you take pride in is lacking if a gorgeous piece of enamel jewelry is missing. A piece of sheer handcrafted art bursting with vibrant colors can add life to any outfit or occasion. Whether it’s an enamel pendant or an earring, the […]

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Fine Silver Jewelry: The Perfect Souvenir From Dubai

Dubai is a shopper’s paradise. A melting pot of cultures and cuisines, with its crystalline skyscrapers and an endless list of fantastic attractions, vibrant visitors from around the globe fall for the city’s irresistible charm. While we all know Dubai is insanely famous for its glittering Gold Souks that offer the finest gold jewelry at […]

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