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Classic Hoop Silver Earring

AED 137

Peace Leaf Rose Necklace

AED 137

One Drop Mini Silver Necklace

AED 110

Pinku Silver Necklace

AED 189

Mini Hoop Rose Earring

AED 137

Mini Hoop Yellow Earring

AED 137

Mini Hoop Silver Earring

AED 137

Squared Stud Silver Earring

AED 137

Lilies Pearl Drop Rose Earring

AED 641

Lilies Pearl Drop Silver Earring

AED 641

Solstice Silver Stud Earring

AED 347

Pear Cut Rose Stud Earring

AED 110

Pear Baguette Silver Stud Earring

AED 158

Solitaire Silver Stud Earring (middle)

AED 158

Fatima Hand Silver Earcuff

AED 74

Chained I Rose Earring

AED 362

Mix Colors Rose Bracelet

AED 2,310

ClamShell Rose Bracelet

AED 158

Eye Five Eye Blue

AED 189

Mesh Rose Bracelet

AED 263

Baget Adjustable Rose Bracelet

AED 515

Solitaire Series Rose Bangle

AED 436

Half-Stone II Rose Bangle

AED 683

Birch Rose Bangle

AED 252


AED 1,045

At A Time Rose

AED 599

Sequel Rose Bracelet

AED 488

The Tennis Silver Bracelet

AED 404

Mallow Twist Rose Bracelet

AED 1,213

Enormous Rose Bracelet

AED 1,628

Sunrays Rose Bangle

AED 441

Messenger Rose Bangle

AED 273

Finesse Silver Bracelet

AED 672

Posh Silver Bracelet

AED 761

Beatrix Bracelet

AED 1,158

Circle Links Silver Bracelet

AED 247