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Moon and Star Silver Hoop Earring

AED 126

Aquila Silver Hoop Earring

AED 126

Full Zircon Heart Hoop Earring

AED 483

Rolo Yellow Chain Necklace ( 50cm/20″)

AED 515

Classy Link Silver Choker

AED 830

Jewel Silver Necklace

AED 1,612

Multicolor Bug Rose Bracelet

AED 756

Stone Silver Necklace

AED 179

One Stone Silver Necklace

AED 179

Stones Silver Drop Earring

AED 625

Nahla Yellow Bangle

AED 567

Nahla Rose Bangle

AED 567

Nahla Silver Bangle

AED 567

Two-Leaves Silver Bracelet

AED 861

Stone Water Silver Bracelet

AED 683

Multicolor Chain Bracelet

AED 2,048

Amelix Chain Silver Bracelet

AED 620

Square Silver Bracelet

AED 662

Square Silver Choker

AED 1,040

Alestra Silver Necklace

AED 515

Alestra Rose Necklace

AED 515

Ariel Silver Necklace

AED 1,733

Baguette II Rose Choker

AED 1,208

Baguette II Silver Choker

AED 1,208

Baguette Silver Choker

AED 1,134

Baguette Rose Choker

AED 1,134

Charms Silver Anklet

AED 179

Stars Rose Anklet

AED 179

Princess II Silver Necklace

AED 247

Princess I Silver Necklace

AED 247

Princess I Stud Earring

AED 247

Princess II Stud Earring

AED 247

Princess Silver Drop Earring

AED 331

Luck Silver Drop Earring

AED 200

Lantern Silver Drop Earring

AED 410

Stylish Rose Stud Earring

AED 126