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The Serpent Hoop Earring

AED 168

Multi Color Mini Hoop Earring

AED 126

Tear Shape Stud Earring

AED 126

Tri-dots Stud Earring

AED 126

Mini Star Earcuff

AED 116

Mini Stone Earcuff

AED 116

Triple-Line Stone Earcuff

AED 200

Pearls Earcuff

AED 126

Croissant Earcuff

AED 137

Shapes On Earcuff

AED 126

Rainbow Drop Rose Earring

AED 620

Chained II Rose Earring

AED 583

Little Circle Rose Studs

AED 152

Flower Pearl Rose Earring

AED 231

Petals Rose Earring

AED 257

Classy in Pink Rose Earring

AED 809

Mix n’ Match Rose Earrings

AED 630

Essence Rose Earring

AED 394

Maffei 2 Rose Earring

AED 231

Criss-cross Rose Earring

AED 221

Beauty in Pearl Rose Earring

AED 184

Squared Rose Earring

AED 147

Sunflower Rose Earring

AED 179

Mini-U Hoop Rose Earring

AED 142

Leaf Stud Rose Earring

AED 131

Amethyst Rose Earring

AED 809

Stylish Blue Silver Earring

AED 278

Stylish Green Silver Earring

AED 278

Quad Blue Silver Earring

AED 221

Evening Drop Silver Earring

AED 263

Classy Teardrops Earring

AED 473

Finesse Silver Earring

AED 362

Divine Silver Earring

AED 394

Little Circle Silver Studs

AED 152

Wonderful Mix Silver Earring

AED 515

Flat Studs Silver

AED 126